How to listen to LifeGate's music

You can listen to our radio online using two players. For background music while studying or working, browsing social media or other websites, writing or reading emails. This is LifeGate & Sound.
This, instead, is LifeGate Music, more LifeGate than ever.
You can also listen to all our playlists on Spotify. Follow us and discover our unmissable releases, season after season. The best selected contents. The best music.
To listen to news, interviews and the best episodes of LifeGate’s programmes. You can download Spreaker or go to our account page.
What about listening to good music to pass time during train journeys? Or when you decide to cycle into the city centre. Or drive. iPhone friendly.
The perfect way to bring LifeGate’s music everywhere: during your daily jogging session or when you’re walking the dog. Smartphone friendly.